about us

mecsraum was founded by Markus Ehret as an independent sales place for postcards in autumn 2015. Our postcards are suppossed to promote the personal exchange between you and your friends, your family and all lovely people. How uplifting happy it is to find a postcard in the mailbox, with a personal, handwritten text on it... We would be very happy if we could contribute to a small joy.

But our products should not have an impact on our environment. Therefore our cards are produced completely climate neutral: The print shop uses only colors based on vegetable oil, so free from mineral oil based ingredients. The used paper is 100% recycled paper that has been awarded the environmental label Blauer Engel and the required power comes naturally from renewable energy sources.

Each card motif received a certificate, which you can find by clicking on your chosen product. You can find more about the climate project which was supported from your postcard by visiting natureoffice.com

The associated seal (Klimasiegel) is printed on the back of the postcards.

The transport of both the printshop to our place as well as further on to your place is done climate neutral with Deutsche Post or DHL by supporting the initiative GoGreen.

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Under the pseudonym Bibo...